Community OUTREACH and Support

COMMUNITY & Disaster OutReach 


If you have any inquiries, require more details, or are interested in participating, feel free to contact us. You can reach our volunteer team via phone, text, or email using the provided contact information. Your willingness to support our cause is highly valued, and together, we can strive towards building a safer and more resilient community for everyone.

To connect with a volunteer, please reach out via phone or text at 602.900.3915 or email at The MASA Project of Arizona (TMPAZ) is always looking for volunteers for Disaster, Hunger, and Crisis Services. 

In case of an urgent food or water crisis, contact 988 or 602-900-3915.

Whether you are passionate about assisting others during emergencies, addressing food insecurity, or providing aid in times of crisis, your help is indispensable. Volunteering with TMPAZ offers you the chance to make a significant impact on the lives of those in need in our community.

We appreciate your interest in volunteering with The MASA Project Arizona. Your commitment and kindness are crucial in our mission to support those requiring assistance.

Meet the Administration Team comprised entirely of dedicated volunteers 

striving for a brighter tomorrow. 

Erik Sanchez

Executive Director /

 Director of Operations


Erik Sanchez, who harnesses his unique perspective shaped by autism as a superpower, has committed his life to fostering enduring and constructive connections for individuals who may struggle to express themselves. He stands as the Founder of The MASA Project in Arizona.

In recent years, Erik has generously offered services at no charge to more than 120,000 individuals, providing 54,000 complimentary meals annually through the support of dedicated volunteers like yourself.

Presently, Erik is actively working to dismantle obstacles that could impede conventional care by engaging with the public.

Remember, addiction is not insurmountable; assistance is within reach.

Brooke Riddle


Yulanda Webb / Registered Nurse

Ana Delgado /


I believe in paying it forward.  I can never repay the help I was given. Years back I was a single mom and was lost. A great man, Anthony Valenzuela helped me get a fresh start. He worked on 7th Ave and Buckeye, which I think was DES. A neighbor across the street at that time helped me with food and diapers. She had very little and a family of her own she was providing for. I had other people help along the way but those were the first to go over and beyond. People that didn't know me at but went over and beyond to lend me a hand. Because of the neighbor and Mr. Valenzuela,  I made it through one of the toughest times. It's important for me to pay it forward ten fold. I try to instill this in my kids hearts as well. 

Wil McCullough /

Director of Veterans Services