The MASA Project of Arizona aims to create a world without hunger and is deeply involved in providing essential support to the public by serving meals to the homeless once in the morning and four times in the evening each week. 

Operating as a grassroots organization, our community-led initiatives tackle various social issues like racism, disabilities, addiction, and economic instability. 

Rooted in the Chicano heritage of Arizona, our organization is committed to nurturing compassion and restoring humanity in our local and neighboring communities. Our volunteers are dedicated to fighting hunger and advocating for access to nutritious food, not just in Arizona but also nationwide and globally. By collaborating, Latino communities are uniting to promote a more compassionate approach to homelessness and addiction, working towards a brighter future. 

The MASA Project of Arizona steadfastly pursues its mission to combat hunger by providing crucial aid to those in need, striving to eradicate hunger on a global scale. Our unwavering commitment is evident through the consistent provision of meals to the homeless community once in the morning and four times in the evening every week. 

As a grassroots charity, we believe in solutions driven by the community, addressing a spectrum of societal challenges including social inequalities, racial injustice, disabilities, addiction, and economic instability. 

Established by Chicano Arizonans, our primary objective is to revive dignity and empathy within our communities and beyond. With the support of dedicated volunteers, we are actively working towards ending hunger and championing the universal right to nutritious food. Our endeavors extend beyond Arizona, reaching communities nationally and globally. 

Through unity and collaboration, Latino communities are coming together to shape a more empathetic future, where homelessness and addiction are met with compassion and understanding.

We Are MASA - "Make Arizona Safe Again",

One Street, One Plate at a time. 

We bring Unity to Community.

Tax Credits - arizona state - Cick to LEARN MORE 2024-2025

This individual income tax credit is accessible for donations to Qualifying Charitable Organizations that cater to the immediate basic needs of Arizona residents who receive Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) benefits, are low-income residents of Arizona, or are individuals with chronic illnesses or physical disabilities. The tax credit can be claimed using Form 321.

The maximum donation amounts eligible for the QCO credit in 2023 are as follows:

For the year 2024, the maximum QCO credit donation limits are:

It's important to note that Arizona legislation permits donations to QCOs made during 2023 or between January 1, 2024, and April 15, 2024, to be claimed on the 2023 Arizona income tax return. The maximum credit claimable on the 2023 return for donations to QCOs is $421 for single filers, married individuals filing separately, or heads of households, and $841 for married individuals filing jointly. Should a taxpayer make a QCO donation from January 1, 2024, through April 15, 2024, and wish to claim the higher 2024 maximum credit, the taxpayer must declare the credit on the 2024 Arizona return, to be filed in 2025.


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